Welcome to Teach Me Money

We are committed to empowering people to improve their lives by helping them to understand important aspects of their money – including savings, debt, budgeting and investing.

Some of the questions we regularly help our clients find answers to are:

Why am I struggling to meet my bill repayments?

How do I understand my credit history?

How can I save money and pay off debt?

What’s the best way to get a loan or buy a house?

Where should I start investing?

How much extra should I pay into my home loan?

And many other questions about money.


Money management can be a taboo subject and there is a stigma around those of us who don’t get it right. There are very few role models for us as we move out of home and get our first job, and the pay cheque that comes with it.

The banks give us credit cards and retailers allow us to buy things on interest-free terms, no one explains the implications of these purchases.

Teach Me Money was founded out of the need to educate the general public about their money, why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why you never have any money saved, what the Telstra bill you did not pay when you moved house has done to your credit history or how to get yourself in position to buy a house. We have all the answers right here.

Alissa Herman

About Us

The founder of Teach Me Money is Alissa Herman. Alissa is tertiary qualified with 17 years’ experience in finance with major Australian banks, managing the finances of a growing family and is a qualified mortgage broker and debt advisor.

Our Courses

Our programs are designed with you in mind, and we tailor the program to your specific needs. If you are ready to buy a house or start investing, or perhaps you are fresh out of school and need to understand credit history and budgeting – we will tailor the solution for you.

Our programs are created for everyone between the ages of 14 to 65 who receive an income, no matter how big or small.

If you feel stress when thinking about your money, how to pay your bills, how to pay off your home, will you have enough money for retirement and the question we all ask ourselves – where did all my money go? If you ask yourself any of these questions – then you are the perfect fit for Teach Me Money.

One-on-One Sessions

Group Presentations

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“Before we met with Alissa, we were both unsure of what decision was going to be more beneficial for us both financially and what was going to be better for our future. When we got to our appointment Alissa had everything set up ready for us and was very understanding with our worries and what we were needing information for. She was very honest and was easy to understand throughout the whole meeting. After our appointment we both felt at ease and calm as we were finally able to relax as we both understood what we had to do to save money and create a budget. We are very grateful that we got to meet with Alissa.”

Cody & Tiffanie

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